GFDAS Drones & Mining: Tecnologías de alto nivel Starup ChileGlobal Ventures

Les dejamos ésta interesante entrevista realizada a Lorena Banchero, co-fundadora de GFDas Drones & Mining, quién cuenta de su gestión y los beneficios de esta nueva tecnología para una industria que prospera en las transformaciones tecnológicas del presente y futuro minero.

She also tells that thanks to these geosciences techniques, subsurface information can be measured to recognize depth materials and know their characteristics, all through the sensors that are incorporated into our drones, which entails enormous technological advantages.

Lorena adds that within its advantages you can improve the knowledge and information of the field from the automation of tasks, which were previously very exhausting and risky for people, improving quality and productivity. She gives as an example that there has been an increase in safety, lower accident rates, faster processes and, consequently, reduction in production times.

In the following link you can read the full interview conducted by MV Communications Group..

Pioneers in Latin America

Drone surveys to acquire geomagnetic information from surface to great depth.

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