Wide Experience in drone based Geosciences and Georeferenced Data en Chile y Sudamérica

Drone exploration surveys to acquire geomagnetic information from surface to great depth

Mining Services

UAV Aerial Photogrammetry

  • Digital Elevation and Surface Models.
  • High Resolution and Precision Georeferenced Models.
  • Orthorectified images.
  • 3D topography.
  • Volume Calculation.
  • Level Curves.
  • Definition of roads, streams, baselines, profiles.
  • Facilities Monitoring.
  • Plant inspections.
  • Efficiency, Accuracy, Safety.

GeoMagDrone™ UAV Magnetometry

  • Vertical scan + 500m depth.
  • Subsurface lithology, structural geologic controls.
  • Blind and deep intrusive mapping as probable sources of primary mineralization.
  • 3D modeling.
  • Prospecting magnetite-borne mineralization.

Buried Metal Detection



  • Monitoring from the air low AGL.
  • Accuracy Sub-metric location.
  • Depth: up to 10 m.
  • Interference calibration, industrial noise.
  • Applications: Pipes, Machinery Parts, Industrial Scrap, Archeology, UXO, Environment.

UAV Lidar

  • Points cloud.
  • High resolution centimeter resolution obtained with drones with efficiency and accuracy.
  • Volume Calculation.

Geophysics Modeling and Interpretation constrained with Geology

Interpretation and 3D modeling for subsurface geology, basin mapping, intrusive, geological faults, targeting for mining exploration. Fe-Cu-Au systems.

Development and integration of drone sensors

Miniaturization, integration, calibration, drone sensor mounting.

Pioneers in Latin America

Drone surveys to acquire geomagnetic information from surface to great depth.

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