Mining exploration from the air? The Chilean product GeoMagDrone does it!

Although drones are already been used in some areas of mining , the Chilean company GFDas gives a further twist to the possibilities that these devices deliver and develops a new use in mining exploration, allowing to recognize in a more reliable way and at reduced cost the potential of mineralization of sedimented soils.

It is a great help since it consists in the use of a high-resolution magnetometry recording platform whose information is gathered thanks to the small flying machines.

Under the name of GeoMagDrone the service allows to know the characteristics of the soils by sampling with subsurface geophysics up to several hundred meters deep, with great precision and resolution of results, reducing acquisition times, accessing complex areas and recording with high environmental and safety standards.


Pioneers in Latin America

Drone surveys to acquire geomagnetic information from surface to great depth.

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